Monday, January 5, 2009

Thank You Siemenpuu

Siemenpuu Foundation has sanctioned a research study for SINFPAD, an NGO network,initiated by PAD (People's Action for Development, Vembar) to monitor and to suggest measures to mitigate the impacts of the Global Warming in Agriculture and Fisheries in the Southern Districts of Tamilnadu, India.The study will be undertaken during 01/2009 - 12/2010. The support is timely and will enable grass root NGOs to think and work to evolve sustainable strategies to mitigate the impact of global warming.The core strength of this network is its participatory approach and the study design incorporates people's participatory geo information system (PPGIS) to understand the problem as well as to suggest measures to address it. The study will be conducted in collaboration with several grass roots NGOs working in areas ranging from child centered community development to sustainable livelihood promotion. It is expected that the study will generate insights which will be worth considering in evolving practical policy solutions. This blog will be used to share the research experiences of the team involved in this study.

The study will be carried out in the following southern districts (with a population of 15 millions which is higher than several countries in the world) of Tamilnadu

1.Dindigul [A] [B] 2.Kanyakumari [A] [B] 3.Madurai [A] [B]

4.Ramanathapuram [A] [B] 5.Sivaganga [A] [B] 6.Theni [A] [B]

7.Thoothukudi [B] 8.Tirunelveli [A] [B] 9.Virudhunagar [A] [B]

*Click on the district name to know more about the district from Wikipedia. [A] will take you to the official website [B] will take you to the Tamil website

The study will focus on the following areas

1. Collection of Data on the Climatic Conditions of the Project Area.
2. Collection of Data on the Weather events for the required periods.
3. Collection of the Hydrological Data including the Data on the Water Resources.
4. Collection of the Social Data of the project Area.
5. Collection of data on the Impacts of the natural disasters in the project area.
6. Collection of the Agricultural Data of the project area with high significance to the Agricultural Economics.
7. Collection of Data on the Fishing aspects and their related economics.
8. Data Processing.
9. Report writing

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