Saturday, February 28, 2009

Training on Global Warming

Global Warming seems to be more serious when compared with HIV/AIDS .. to prevent HIV/AIDS at least we have condoms and other practices that can be adopted by anyone with ease and economy. But for Global Warming? Is there any special umbrellas?.. We cannot think of a vaccine. Global Warming is a challenge to our collective survival. Understanding global warming from a scientific perspective is the first step to contribute a solution.

This was the feed back expressed by the participants of the four days training program organized for SINFPAD Network partners from 20-23 Febraury 2009 at Life Centre at Nochiodaipatti in Dindugal District

The serene atmosphere of the LIFE Centre, a three star hospitality at an affordable cost, run by the Claratian Brothers served as a backdrop for the training.

Training Schedule

General Perception of the Global Warming and Climate Change
Impact of Global Warming in India
Rationale for taking up research on global warming in Tamilnadu
Reasons for prioritizing Agriculture & Fisheries sector

SINFPAD - Siemenpuu study on Global Warming in South Tamilnadu
The project area –Understanding more about the 9 Districts of Tamilnadu
Aims & Objectives of the project
Integrating the project aims into individual partner NGOs Vision & Mission
Project rationale & information requirement to
understand global warming at micro level
Data to be collected and mode of collecting data
Departments and organizations to be approached
Evolving formats to collect & submit data by the NGOs
Monthly review meeting for the executives to monitor the project progress
Review meetings for the staff for information & knowledge sharing
Reports to be submitted to Siemenpuu & SINFPAD

On the first day there were 55 participants including the NGO executives and the staffs attended the training. In the remaining three days, training was focused on improving the capacity of the NGO staff to understand and collect information relevant to the global warming study.

Mr. Pugazhendi, Director, ORSED and his staffs handled the four days training sessions in a lively manner. Diagrams on the board, power point presentations, brainstorming and group discussions complimented and enriched the learning of the participants

For more details on the content and methodology of training

in Tamil English

Details about the southern districts of Tamilnadu to view in Scribd Slideshare

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