Saturday, February 7, 2009

SINFPAD-SIEMENPPU - Global Warming Project Implementation Plan –Partners Meet

A meeting of the SINFPAD partners was held on 27.1.2009 from 10.30 am to 5.00 pm at VMMK (Virutcham Mahalir Munnetra Kazhakam) in its office at Virdunagar. It is a practice followed by SINFPAD to organize the partners meet at different places. Mr. Rajendra Prasad moved a condolence resolution for the sudden demise of Mr. Xavier and Mr.Suresh Dharma and recollected their contribution for grassroots development. Mrs. K.Vijaya, Secretary, VMMK welcomed the partners. Mr. Rajendra Prasad and Mr. Prabakaran, Coordinator, SINFPAD explained the purpose of the meeting i.e. to discuss about the project implementation plan of Global Warming Study sanctioned by Siemenppu. ORSED (Organization for Social and Environmental Development) Staff, technical consultants of the study, were also participated.

Agenda for the meeting
1. Orienting the project
2.Discussion & finalization of project implementation
3.Resource allocation & Management
4.Formation of management committees
5.Finalization of district level coordination system
6.Evolving a reporting system
7. Other items
Social Action Movement (SAM) Tamilnadu Conference 17-19.2.2009 at Dindugal-Membership & Participation

Before going into the logistics of project implementation, ORSED (Organization for Social and Environmental Development) Director. Mr. V. Pugazhendhi explained about Global Warming and its consequences. He touched several issues related to the climate change especially the south west and north east monsoons and its consequences for agriculture and fisheries in Tamilnadu.

In the afternoon PIP was discussed. A core committee consisting of 5 members to manage the finances and activities related to the study and 9 district level convenors were selected to carryout the study at each district. If a district represents more than one partner, one partner was identified to take up the overall responsibility.

A four days training was finalized during 20-24 Feb.2009 and the partners were requested to depute more than one staff to attend the training in order to build grass root capacity to handle global warming & environmental related issues in future. It was decided to organize core committee meetings once in every month or as when needed. Prof. S.Rengasamy, (Hon. Chairman, PAD) was asked to coordinate the study.

Core Committee for the study
1.Prof. S.Rengasamy (Hon. Chairman, PAD Coordinator for the Study)
2.Mr. Gnanasurabimanai, RCPED, Madurai
3.Ms. K.Vijaya, VMMK, Virudunagar
4.Mr. J.Elangao, ODAM,Tiruchuli
5.Mr. K.Joseph Xavier Raj, PAGE, Sivagangai
District Conveners for the study
1.Madurai District - Mr. R.M. Sundarasekar, RDS
2.Dindigul District - Mr. A. Rajasamsaon, SPRIT
3.Theni District - Mr. Gurunathan, SARVOTHAYA
4.Sivagangai District - Mr. K. Joseph Xavier Raj, PAGE
5.Ramanathapuram District - Mr. D.R. Chandran, IRWO
6.Virudhunagar District - Mr. P. Rajagopal, NEEDS
7.Thoothukudi District - Mr. F.X.R. George, SEDCO
8.Thirunelveli District - Mr.S. Nadesan, CPE
9.Kanyakumari District - Mrs. S. Jansi, PURA

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